Cheese and Potato Soup

Cheese and Potato Soup
We were having friends over for dinner and I wanted to make something warm and comforting since it was a very cold and rainy day. I found this cheese and potato soup on Mary’s site called One Perfect Bite that looked delicious, easy, and perfect for dinner. It was super simple to make, smelled delicious while cooking, and tasted creamy, cheesy, and fantastic. We all loved the soup, including all of the kids. Thanks for a terrific recipe Mary.

Cheese and Potato Soup:
Adapted recipe by For the Love of
Original recipe by Mary at One Perfect Bite
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1-2 tbsp butter
  • 3/4 cup of sweet yellow onion, diced
  • 3/4 cup of celery, diced
  • 8 cups of russet potatoes, peeled and diced
  • 6 cups of chicken broth
  • Sea salt and white pepper, to taste
  • 1 1/2 cups of half and half (I used fat free)
  • 10 oz sharp cheddar cheese, grated
  • 1/2 tsp sugar
  • Chives, chopped for garnish
  • Bacon, chopped for garnish
  • Cheddar cheese, shredded for garnish

Cheese and Potato Soup

Heat the olive oil and butter in a large Dutch oven over medium low heat. Add the onions and celery and cook for 5-6 minutes, stirring often, until tender. Do not let the onions brown. Add the potatoes, chicken broth, sea salt and white pepper, to taste. Simmer over medium low heat for 30 minutes.

Once the potatoes are tender, mash them slightly with a potato masher, leaving most of them in chunks. Reduce heat to low then stir in the half and half, cheese, and sugar to the soup. Stir until the cheese has completely melted and dissolved into the soup. Taste and re-season with salt and white pepper, if needed. Simmer slowly for 10-15 minutes, making sure not to let the soup boil. Serve topped with chives, bacon, and more cheddar cheese. Serve immediately and enjoy.

Cheese and Potato Soup


Click here for a printable version of this recipe – For the Love of

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8 Responses to “Cheese and Potato Soup”

  1. 1

    roz — March 10, 2011 @ 8:18 pm

    It got a little cooler today, so your bisquits with this creamy, dreamy soup would be just perfect!

  2. 2

    Generic viagra without prescription — March 11, 2011 @ 11:41 am

    Yummy i liked the recipie

  3. 3

    Organicfemme — April 20, 2011 @ 8:09 am

    I love the taste and i add so much cheese.

  4. 4

    Glen — May 3, 2012 @ 1:48 am

    Love the combo of cheese and potato never tried it in soup.. definitely a very unique flavour for me but i must try..

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  5. 5

    Krystal — March 15, 2013 @ 9:08 am

    This looks delicious, I have been craving a good potato soup. I am going to have to make this this weekend. Thanks!

  6. 6

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  7. 7

    Jen Lannon — December 18, 2013 @ 5:46 pm

    As my 4 year old said…”mmmmm mmmmm Deeeeelicious”

  8. 8

    Trisha — January 30, 2014 @ 8:02 am

    I made this soup for dinner last night and it was SO good!! I will be adding it to my list of make again recipes 🙂

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