BSU Tailgating Adventure

Just a little recap of my weekend… My sister is a HUGE FOOTBALL FAN!! She and her family absolutely love football and are the biggest Boise State University Bronco fans EVER. They own a huge motor home that they turned into the Bronco Bago. They tailgate for every home game with the most amazing setup and they host over 100 people at each game. There are massive tables of food, huge televisions set up to watch the game, fires blazing, beers flowing, and tons and tons of Bronco fans. My sister’s birthday was this past Friday so we drove to Idaho to tailgate with them for the BSU/Hawaii game. My other sister and parents came too. It was such an amazing experience to see so many people enjoy themselves and cheering on their team to a 42-7 victory. It was a beautiful day filled with fun people, great food, and an awesome football game. Happy birthday Dana!!!

I’ll be back to posting recipes tomorrow.

Our tailgating hosts

The Bronco Bago

What a set up

Ready for the tailgaters

Inside the Bronco Bago

Can you tell they are big Bronco fans?

Need a beer?

Warm up by the Bronco fire

Just one of the tables of food

My family

Blue and Orange everywhere you look

An amazing day

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2 Responses to “BSU Tailgating Adventure”

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    kristin — September 15, 2012 @ 5:52 pm

    Could you possibly ask her where in the world they got that blow up orange and blue couch? I would love to buy one, but wouldn’t know where. Awesome set up!


  2. 2

    Craig Reilly — August 26, 2013 @ 3:18 pm

    Take a look at our stuff, might be cool to add.
    Craig Reilly


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